Rachel Rowland


Rachel is responsible for all marketing, public relations, communications, and media relations efforts for Glow. With a background working on marketing and public relations campaigns in the luxury brand sector, she brings a unique perspective and enjoys helping companies craft messages to better communicate with their audiences. As an Idaho native and a graduate of Whitman College, Rachel spends her spare time doing just about anything outdoors, writing, painting, and honing her amateur chef/sommelier skills.


here If you weren’t in your current role with Glow, what would you be doing?
Doting on my rescue pup, Sprinks.  Reading.  Skiing.  Hiking. Most likely eating. All of the above.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
The common trait amongst all successful people is the ability to overcome adversity.

Which work of art do you wish you created?
The Bowl of Soul from Java Coffee.  It counts as a work of art, trust me.

What are you addicted to?

Yoga, traveling, essential oils, and unfortunately, tacos.

Recommend us a book.
I was an English major, so I’d need at least 10 more sub-specifications to answer this.

What or who is underrated?
Hand written cards & thank you notes. Crisp mountain air. Walla Walla wines.  And El Cholo!!  Best margs in town, hands down.

Art or money?
Art, always.

see What’s your motto?
Eat well, travel often, laugh a lot, and don’t take yourself too seriously.