James Schnauer


watch Originally from New Zealand, James has produced award-winning work in Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Americas for over 20 years.  Recognized for his expertise with large-scale exhibition and retail development projects, James designs intelligent, engaging experiences and brings a unique blend of enthusiasm, energy and leadership to every project at Glow.  Passionate about all things fast, he spends his spare time hammering down the mountains of Santa Monica on a mountain bike, catching air on skis at Mammoth, or tearing up Southern California’s triathlon circuit.

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What’s the next big thing?
The democratization of production.  Things are going to change dramatically in the next 5-10 years.

When do you know when a design is finished?
When the car engine turns over and it’s time to go and present. There is always time to tweak the details.

Which work of art do you wish you created?
Marcel Duchamp’s “Fountain.”  It’s a humorous and a subtle dig at the pretentiousness of modern artists.  I also love the story of how he snuck it into the Society of Independent Artists exhibition.

watch Strangest place you ever found yourself onsite for a build?
Gianni Versace’s walk-in closet at his villa in Miami.

click here Art or money?
Art that sells for absurd amounts of money.