Erika Claitte

watch Project Manager

Erika’s background in event planning and project management, along with her international experience and design skills, lends a new perspective to the Glow team.  She is involved in all aspects of project planning, logistical organization and account management. Consistently creating fresh and inspired ideas for her clients, in addition to being bilingual, she approaches her assignments with both clarity and imagination. Originally from Connecticut, with a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Wisconsin, she now enjoys the California weather and wine tasting in her spare time.


What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Stay hungry and curious.

  Which work of art do you wish you created?

Paintings by Rothko.

see If you weren’t in your current role with Glow, what would you be doing?

Singing and dancing on Broadway.

What are you addicted to?

My iPhone.

What would most improve your life?

Time travel.

What one piece of software/kit could you not do without?

Waze app.

What’s your motto?

Face your fears. Live your dreams.

Tweet us a tip. What’s the best exhibition advice you can give in 140 characters or less?

Think on your feet and wear comfortable shoes.