Andy Woods


After completing a degree in environmental design, Andy left his native Ireland for the US to further pursue his creative career.  Over the years he has established an extensive portfolio working on exhibitions, museums, events, and architectural projects, and his vast experience in both design and production serve him well in delivering top quality projects all over the globe. Though his rock star days are behind him, you can still find Andy strumming his guitar at various Los Angeles venues, entertaining the masses and working the crowd.


If you weren’t in your current role with Glow, what would you be doing?
Who knows? Life is full of twists and turns.  Just be happy with what you’ve got.

see When do you know when a design is finished?
When the client gives us the nod and it’s time for us to let them get on with it.

What’s the most challenging experience you’ve had onsite?
Building 22 stands at one show.

watch Art or money?
The Art of Money.

follow What one thing would most improve your life?
A nice house with a tractor.

What one piece of software/kit could you not do without?
The Fruit Ninja app.

Which work of art do you wish you created?
La Sagrada Familia.